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Looking for a seed supplier to help you build the business of your dreams?

Your Solution for Seed

Our wide offerings include top-performing proprietary genetics as well as price-competitive commodities.

Turf Solution

Our wide array of turf varieties combined with our efficient blending and diverse packaging options can help you capture both retail and professional markets.

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Forage Solution

Our ever-growing premium forage line brings real performance solutions to farmers worldwide. Plus, our well-developed grower relationships allow us to deliver forage commodities at competitive pricing, yet with unmatched services.

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Eco Solution

We have been providing soil health and cover-crop solution seed long before it was trendy. We offer an abundant array of improved and public varieties in multiple options, including raw, treated, and seed coating enhancements.

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One Solution — Many Integrated Components

Behind every bag of seed we ship is an integrated network of Solution components. We merge the many facets of seed production, distribution, and marketing with an array of complementary services. Each component works together to deliver a great experience and ultimately a great product to match your vision.

Tractors harvesting seed.

Seed Procurement

We are a high-volume producer and seed trader operating our own transportation and storage with speed and efficiency. One-stop purchasing from us keeps you competitive.

International seed test and tags.

International Expertise

When it comes to navigating the complexities of international seed sales, our expertise in managing varietal registration, testing, documentation, and freight makes your life easy. We handle it all, from order to delivery.

Workers on a production line.

Seed Processing

Our multi-line, semi-automated seed processing systems accurately pack, blend, and treat millions of pounds in multiple sizes with consistent accuracy and speedy turnaround times. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Annual ryegrass growing in rows in a field.

Contract Production

We aren’t afraid of getting dirty if that’s what it takes to know and manage what we grow. For decades, we have had our hands in seed production, harvest, and cleaning. Our long-standing reputation allows us to work with the best growers in the world.

Drone image of research farm.

Research & Breeding

The future is what we are working on today. Our global connections give us access to diverse germplasm pools and extensive testing sites.

Forklift loading truck.


Every day our attentive shipping staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and trucking fleet move millions of pounds of seed with speed and accuracy. We handle all the paperwork and freight arrangement. Door to door, door to port, or will-call. We do it all.

Turf solution bag.


We don’t just sell seed. We deliver ideas. In addition to helping you select the right varieties and blend formulas, our experienced staff can help put together brands, packaging, and marketing programs focused on your business.

Coated seed in different colors.

Coating & Treating

From simple to complex, we've got your seed treating and coating needs covered! We provide a wide range of performance seed coatings and treatments customized to suit your needs. Accuracy and quality matter. We pay attention to the details so we can deliver the best possible product to our customers.

Stretch wrap, poly boag, totes and paper bags.

Packaging Supplies

Big, small, fancy or simple. We offer it all. We provide bags, bulk totes, stretch wrap, and other packaging supplies.

We Are Your Seed Solution

For over 60 years, we have been helping the international seed industry achieve their goals by providing day-to-day practical, yet expert seed solutions to help them succeed. We procure seed, we produce seed, we breed, clean, bag, blend, coat, store, and ship seed. And we do it very well. We are your Seed Solution partner.


Rapid response is our normal pace.


Our standard is perfection.


Systematic checks and balances and in-house labs.


Our goal is to create a sellable product with support behind it.


We’ve been the seed solution for decades.


Our highest priority is to keep good relationships.

Let’s Work Together

Come find out what it is like to have a partner-supplier who is passionate to satisfy.

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About Us

Smith Seed Services is a worldwide wholesale supplier of turf, forage, wildlife, and cover crop seed based in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

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